Many people call DoctorMyDocument when they realize they don’t have enough time to complete their coursework each week. Nurses work a lot of hours, and their jobs & families come first. When you hire us to help with coursework we’ll read the text and other assigned readings so we can save you a lot of time. None of what we do is ‘cheating’. The papers are written from scratch and sent only to you. You’re the final decision-maker about what you submit for your assignment. We’re like hired tutors who do a lot of writing. And we’ll follow all instructions in detail to make sure you have a great outcome.

The price: You can assume most papers will cost around $119 per 1,000 words. That’s 3-4 pages double-spaced. You can order less than that if you only need a page or two. To find out exactly how much your order will cost, you can click over to the Quote Request Form and the price will appear when you select the number of pages.